Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is a keyword ?
A: A keyword is a word that is directly related to your business. A word you use that relates you to possible clients. An example would be, if you were in the Insurance business you might use the keywords below to try and connect through twitter to them. Keywords related to Insurance : Insurance, Vehicle, Home , Renters , Accident , Car and so on.
* On Twitter keywords can be categorized as hashtags #'s.
2. Q: Your service offers a report, how do I use it ?
A: Once you have input your keyword and geographic area you will start receiving a daily report detailing your keyword matches so that you can follow and tweet. This is you opportunity to make a connection with your prospective clients and customers on Twitter. Start tweeting to interact and answer any questions they may have. Remember to follow twitters best practices and NOT participate in aggressive behavior that would result in suspension of your account . Be sure to provide valuable tweets to your prospect. To read more about Twitter's best practice's click here.
3. Q: I am not very familiar with Twitter. Where can I go from here ?
A: We are happy to provide a list of some resources here.
1. Twitter basics
2. Using videos and photos in Twitter
3. Writing good tweets
4. Q: Can I buy the E-books you offer through the subscriptions separately?
A: At this time we are unable to offer them separately, please check back with us as we hope to be able to offer this service in the future.
5. Q:Can I cancel my subscription ?
A: You can cancel your subscription by selecting unsubscribe at any time . You will also need to login to your paypal account and cancel your subscription there.