Twitter is the ultimate strategy for companies to advertise and connect with their consumers

Twitter, another rising social media platform after Facebook is a name which all of us know and access in our day to day life, but do we really know as how twitter can be used and how it has become an important part in the promotion of businesses? Here we will discuss how this platform can be and is being used by businesses to flourish and how tweeting has become a good marketing strategy for companies to reach more and more people.

Twitter basically lets you connect with others and thus business houses can use this to connect with their target or existing customers. A company can use the platform to discover, create and share their ideas with the customers on topics that engage them eventually resulting in building relationship. There is no need to be a big brand like Nike, Dell etc. to be a user of twitter; in fact it can be used by the local stores to connect themselves with the customers with the help of a personal account created on the website. With this account, businesses can reach millions of people who log on to twitter even before starting their day by brushing their teeth. It is the ultimate platform to advertise for products/ services of the company and in some cases helps them to hear the complaints of unsatisfied customers and other feedback.

The platform is so open that one can see tweets of unsatisfied customers of competitors who can be contacted and eventually can be converted into their own consumers for a long time. Adverttising on any other media like television, billboards, internet ads etc. all have a cost attached to it- and best part of twitter is that one can market the products and services free of cost just that it should be targeted to right consumers. Everyone loves to get good deals through tweets, and companies target to give latest updates about the deals and discount coupons through this medium which help them increase their sales. One can also check the customers’ views on one’s competitors to look for improvement options and devise a strategy accordingly.

With the web interconnected, an individual is able to share the tweets on other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pininterest etc. which means to reach more people and more business. Latest trend in this being use of hashtags- which helps to find new markets conversations around specific topics and people’s views. Hashtags are basically searchable phrases around which conversations are happening on social media and companies can leverage these to understand market trends and advertise accordingly. If you are promoting a special event or launching something or advertising products/ services, you can also create a unique hashtag where people can find you easily. These tags also help you track latest trend in your industry which you can use got you business development.

At the end we may conclude that twitter has given the companies a new low cost effective way to promote them and thus is the ultimate marketing tool as its reach is in millions while cost is negligible if used wisely.